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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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a cool reception for chancellor angela merkel during a visit to greece turns out sons of protesters pointing to her disorders of they can only commiserate. israeli prime minister netanyahu had his to go all out for reelection as he dissolve parliament and orders a snob at the peak of his popularity citing budget bickering. branding and image as a pussy riot appeal the sentence many question whether the punk band wants to be released only if it's just another of this it is.
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this is all see coming to live from moscow hello and welcome to the program rises and falls from warm welcome from the greek people for chancellor angela merkel and her visit to athens while the german leader praised the government over its austerity measures an army of riot police held bank turns of thousands of demonstrators just streets away fast now reports on athens from athens on why merkel's visit has so riled the people. it was supposed to be a conciliatory gesture but in the end it seemed a need to add fuel to the fire of austerity and. clashes are breaking out between the riot police on the protesters on the street that are going on at bangalore because the thing the country it was supposed to demonstrate solidarity but all it is high like the divisions there remain in the country itself between the people
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and the politicians and the queen the euro zone countries as well the bad blood between greece in germany runs deep greece largely blames germany for the tough measures they faced this in them cooled and in devastating economic spiral and they germany's rhetoric may have softened recently weeks of nights i think given to forgotten their trail at the start of the euro crisis the bad ones of the bunch. government with the politicians stealing to the people the people are suffering only cards. for the working people to flourish chunks of the greek population looking increasingly isolated from the political class that's far from alone from greece to spain to italy sterett he has pull your isn't economies to the knees and with unemployment particularly amongst year is used now reaching epic heights people
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have simply had enough if this looks like a familiar sight because it is one we think many times before in recent years so in cognise with standoff between the riot police and protesters. along the streets and people standing around this is the result of years of austerity this is one of thirty means in real a population that is being pushed. it's breaking point you can see all of the side streets of the can't stand of happening perhaps this will be the wake up call to eurozone leaders as the crisis drags on and on the protests are growing larger and more frequent where there were one schools to ease the pain of the cuts now many people simply want out altogether have to leave the euro zone have to have to break with. generally we have to break with the system the profit before people have to
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break with companies to be important think is not much resistance it's not only the bargain of the people but. it has been three years of austerity about three years of general strikes and education. and we're going to go like that so r.t. athens and. here is a sociology lotro from the university of jury and says that no one even merkel support will give a shake agree government or that much the. we are in the fifth year of recession we're in this third year well stare at the measures they're asking us for even harder austerity mazursky this thirteen billion cuts mainly in work concerns wages and pensions so people were really really angry and i think that there's also a lot of anger against of mrs merkel who is being seen as our representative all of us in some form of the clinic gratian against greece or this protest and think no
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one thought ok mrs merkel comes here so things are going to be better and i think that the situation is not very stable despite all this attempt even by mrs markham to sell some formal support to mr prime minister some less in the reality the greek government is not so stable since it is sitting on top of a huge social crisis a huge social crisis can easily turn into political crisis. israelis on to head to the polls some eight months ahead of that expected as prime minister benjamin netanyahu disbanded the government and announced a snap parliamentary election he said the coalition's failure to nail down the budget is behind the rush but as. reports netanyahu his political sway may be
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a ploy to gain more points and that coming paul. but it means anyone who has announced that there will be indeed early elections in israel of course that means that they will take place in january or february of next year as opposed to october and then when they were actually slated to happen initially he said that right now it is impossible to pass every sponsible budget of course there are many here in israel to believe this was actually done not on purpose and then humans you know who was actually leading up to this type of events unfolding of course the budget talks have everything just recently and the latest party that. who was talking to was the ultra orthodox party who are adamantly against the budget cuts to the social economic sphere as particularly those which concern the elderly and those who are less fortunate when it comes to financial situation but who refused to
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budge on anything that actually concerned so a lot of people a lot of analysts here actually believe that he may be actually pushing the other parties to make this call to make it look like there was no other way other than to call for early elections at the same time those very people are saying that. war is actually the man who is going to benefit the most from the early elections because he is of the peak of his popularity right now so there is a very high chance that he will be reelected for his current post again when the post of the prime minister and that will allow him more time to push forward with his agenda and that doesn't just concern the budget of course in geopolitical sense that also concerns for example war mongering rhetoric when it comes to such countries as iran of course he has been saying that iran is going to develop a nuclear weapon and israel should take precautionary measures. right up to striking iran is so a lot of people are saying that you can safely say at the moment that the man who is going to benefit the most from the early elections is actually betting that we
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can sell and his part of the likud. and that is anyone who's move comes just ahead of the u.s. presidential election the outcome of which according to some middle east experts will have a major impact on israel's politics. taking advantage of situation and the budget is. that to pass a budget is difficult but you could have done it but this is the best time for response to view because the coalition today in israel is in shambles so he catches actually a moment in which from his point of view within three months he will end and he can make a huge victorious i think this year another element the element of obama. has actually linked himself almost totally to much involvement in the american elections in favor of reform is an old friend of the holding similar conservative positions and all in all his relations with obama are very sour i believe that if obama would be
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elected this will become also an issue in the elections and i will not meet a possibility in wish obama in direct way would also try to influence the elections in this world meanwhile in the u.s. reports uncover more matronly shall business practices the trade a republican nominee holy smoke one cigarette in his life apparently had no problem with pushing millions of them are not that if it meant good business. to hear an appeal by the press or ride punk band sentenced to two years in jail for a performance of christ the savior cathedral celebrities and human rights activists worldwide have demanded their release but their lawyers seem in no hurry to get them freed while there's fame and profit behind from their scandalous brand twenty point cut reports. pussy riot feminist punk rock has registered trademark a brand. one major russian concert organizer says they've been flooded with calls
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from foreign promoters offering to organize a pussy riot world tour that could fetch up to six hundred million euros. over the years there's a red square behind me that post the riot stormed the area and performed an offensive song about. a warm up gig of sorts but that particular stunt didn't bring the punk rock was the big break that they were off to a little attention on the internet and more importantly failed to rouse the interest of the thorazine just weeks later kirsty riot took their protest start to . the stunning video went viral pussy riot were arrested their trial a worldwide media circus western and russian celebrities forced the women's release . international branded them prisoners of conscience and free pussy riot t.
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shirts sold out the pussy it was quite normal that's the way you attract attention they always look that famous pop stars around the world look at the way but always dressed look at that look at all the other. well we can do as well is that all we could do something different and they hated the idea of going into the cathedral and singing their blasphemous songs because that. would in fact be something ridges chairing the trial somewhat struck by the women's defense team's tactics. there is no defense in this case it's simple p.r. and. they're working towards the brand in order to capitalize on it in the future and it's worked i think two years in prison for the crimes they committed is too harsh. but at the same time i can see with everything you need to get out of years in prison. the band's appeal against the sentences is perspire and in
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a moscow court last week. unexpectedly announced she now wants different lawyers from have fellow band members a trial observer believes it signals a rift among the punk rock collective a somewhat serious i think she decided to get some real lawyers that before and i mean there were two i mean russia in the face of the worst but actually. prosecutors say the dissenting banner time back is merely a ploy to add hype to a story that's not generating the headlines it did with the concept requests pouring in there are those that say that the civil rights course appeal is just like the trial that proceeded it the point here isn't to reduce the women's center says but rather it's about increasing the number of headlines and the saleability of the now protected pussy riot brand.
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of spring rebellions now seem to be a backfiring on some of the most rigorous of full to the united arab emirates slums the muslim brotherhood saying the islam is group is a true. crossing to bring revolutionary trail son to the gulf states that's right ahead. in the. four way from civilization in history all one helicopter treat from the nearest village. yes they still one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of rain dius canes.
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so. lodging runs you need to signal and then it's they also grew up in the tunes but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the seating in apartment building but still ruined their regions. was planted here as a dancing teacher. was. next to his den says he tells the stories about his motherland. laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong reindeer had when the enemy only saw the lichen and marks
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around who it is gather that turns and move to another pasha they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter women and children for them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. even in the autumn of the years. it's never too late to start over. try extreme paragliding. when a bar or a live in ship. or become a pop star. on the board.
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wealthy british style some time to. go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines cons a report. this is also a welcome bok republican nominee troll me has taken a slight lead in the polls ahead of the second us presidential debates previously romney stated that the that he considers russia to be one of america's principal rivals but it seems that his business history that forced
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a tobacco addiction that makes trading with that in me ok good that chicken has a story. today's mitt romney views russia as america's number one geopolitical foe we don't know what mr romney had on russia twenty years ago but we do know that back then he did his best to get russia to smoke more so some twenty years ago he's a boston based consulting firm bain capital was helping tobacco titans to move forcefully into the new russian market the soviet union just collapsed while she was up for grabs according to the person who worked for romney in russia at the time someone named. hope i pronounce his name correctly romney was very excited about the smoking market in russia mr garstang and he reported to mitt romney directly about his efforts to promote smoking there in the one nine hundred ninety s. tobacco market in iraq today which of course led to more smoking related deaths and candidate romney has apparently made his modest very modest contribution to that but obviously for him it was more about money than anything else just business even
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if it killed by the way mitt romney himself never smoked except for the one cigarette he said he had when he was very young he explained his attitude to smoking saying it's a religious thing mr romney is a mormon and mormons have a strict health code but apparently his beliefs his faith never stopped him from pushing cigarettes onto the nation he refers to as a foe in washington i'm going to check out. bigger is not always better at least for american police the department of homeland security field tests one of avon's of bottle korans destruction the legal limits of spy on us citizens. the united arab emirates has accused they want to walls most influential islamist groups the muslim brotherhood of plotting to overthrow regional governments the country has called on gulf arab states to you nice to stop its rise in egypt where it's dominates political life arrested around six to islam as this year alleging they belong to the group work aspiring to ask the shaikh but also this eric
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margolis things these concerns show these states. the muslim brotherhood primary goals have been expressed through welfare programs and it's the reason it's continued popularity it's never been very popular among muslims and mostly underdressed that's coming in the gulf emirate now is coming from. the go in the very difficult position they want to side of history of improvement in the region but they've been stuck supporting dictators traditionally historically there american governments stumble in forward right now trying to figure out what to do and it's under the new obama under great attack by the republicans who are driving to get political issue of the fact that. it's not clear . iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki is on
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a visit to moscow as the country's sil's billions of dollars worth of arms deals with russia there's been no official statement on what exactly by the dot is buying but the shopping list reportedly includes fighter jets helicopter and missile defense systems iraq says it needs the modern weaponry to combat terrorists in the mountains and desert and later today all maliki is expected to discuss the same is with president bush. u.s. police may soon employ the same drone technology which the army uses startup targets abroad only the downsized the department of homeland security has tested smaller unmanned aircraft to be used for surveillance as part of a public safety program and only stepanov it sean the electronic privacy information center says this may practically lift the legal limits of domestic spying. and there are no laws out there right now that protect privacy from the use of drones and as this technology gets more available the police will be able to do
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more and more with the d.h. s. will be able to do more and more with it without needing a warrant so we're entering an age where everything that we do even possibly down the road in our own homes could be subject to unwarranted police surveillance so there are police departments that have expressed interest in having rubber bullets having tear gas possibly having deadly weapons on the drums in the future they are able to target surveillance targets better too so if some they want to keep an eye on a suspected criminal or maybe even just somebody who may have gone to a protest they're able to do that much more efficiently. let's have a business desk where things are holding up marina how is this going. well it's going to be actually of the day in a busy week because it's earnings season coming up and that's what investors are really looking forward to about to move the markets quite a bit there are higher or down of course right now though for all of us who is there focusing on alexander novak who is in the run the middle of international
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investors as the country's second fons to develop challenging deposits and in fact the energy minister has said that the country needs a one trillion dollars worth of investment into the energy sector by twenty twenty and r t caught up with him and he explained to us that tax incentives to boost production. first of all we've created a set of stimulating measures to boost the development of new deposits in siberia and secondly for the existence of those it's profitable under the current tax system but we've got to be able to explain. we will take steps to stimulate drilling of hard to reach on the. part of the second look at ensor national markets which start with asia and we're seeing losses there especially for the next day which is over two percent we have technology and among the worst ahead this hour and in about a quarter of a percent is a. very optimistic mood right now investors are very concerned about growth moving
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on to the russian markets which just kicked off the trading session and they are tracking losses overseas with the r.t.s. so riteish i think over half a percent lower oil prices aren't helping. and now let's move on and see what's happening with the currencies and the euro is weakening against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble fresh progress for you and that makes against the currency basket now it's time for oil prices and oil prices are dropping from their one week high right now and that's because we're expecting a report that many analysts say that stockpiles in the u.s. have increased in the u.s. of course is the biggest crude well right now let's move on to greece and of course one of the violent clashes with the austerity measures and of course merkel there have been in the country while greeks are furious over is that the latest austerity measures is what's needed for the next bailout but we have analysts that are saying what greece needs to do right now is accept those losses and restructure its debts
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. what i've proposed is establishment of a berlin club in the emerging world you have the paris club when an emerging country gets into trouble what happens is the emerging country comes to the paris club with its creditors and they discuss and debate and they restructure the debt the haircut the debt the losses to the creditors i think there should be a bill into angela merkel should or should invite all of the developed countries finance ministers and politicians to berlin they sit around a table and they start to haircut and allocate the losses around the table and in doing that i think you then start to clean balance sheets because the simple fact is today there is more credit market debt in the world today than there was yesterday than there was last week and then there was the beginning of the crisis and as i was a success our our our thanks to that marina coming out as he talks and in greenberg from forbes magazine who says that despite the u.s. sworn whistleblower is true the advocacy.
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to be soo much brighter if you only bought songs from fans to pressure. these from stunts on t.v. don't come. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hard welcome to the big picture.
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culture is that so much of a given to each musician to find the mark of the syria the civil war we've been and the deadly reality of seeing this conflict spill over into the entire region because much of the blame for the current.
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more news today. if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations. to build the new worlds most sophisticated. mission to teach music. this is why you should. only.
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this machine kills secrets is the title of a new book that chronicles the history and future of information leaks ranging from the pentagon papers to wiki leaks and beyond r.t. is now sitting down with the author andy greenberg who is also a reporter for forbes magazine welcome and it's a pleasure in your book you introduce readers to the inside world of how activists cypherpunks and digital activists such as wiki leaks founder julian assange and you came to the conclusion that in the twenty first century the world should grow used
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to more whistleblowers like bradley manning and more groups like wiki leaks why is that well i mean julius anjan in two thousand and ten and it's you know the time it seems to me that he was he sort of made it seem so easy to to leak these massive troves of secret documents but i i and i think the rest of the media didn't understand how this was possible where did this come from. some kind of just genius singularity or did it come out of some larger tradition or is it the technology that he used so i i wince on this kind of you have the quest to trace the ideas behind wiki leaks and then just you know once a sort of fell into the tradition that a song comes out of which is to say for punks a group that's been around since the mid ninety's who have always dreamed of using encryption to to take power from the government and give it to individuals and i conceded that he was actually using technologies that are freely available that have been developing for a decade.


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